The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s world-class facilities are supported by a wide range of amenities to ensure the needs of visitors and delegates alike are taken care of.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer rooms are available at the Centre Core on Concourse Level and Level 3 East and West Wing. Prayer mats, slippers and ablution wash area are provided in the prayer rooms.

For private functions, a larger prayer room can be arranged at various function rooms in the Centre. The Asy’Syakirin Mosque is about a 10-min walk from the Centre through the Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park.


Automated teller machines are available at the Centre Core of the Concourse level. These machines also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Cirrus and Maestro cards. The nearest banks are located at the Suria KLCC shopping centre.

Parenting Room

For visitors with infants, parenting rooms are located on both wings of the Ground Level. They have a nappy change counter with a large sink, infant feeding sofa and a toilet.


Our Concierge team stationed at the Main Entrance are the first people to welcome you to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. They assist visitors with information on events scheduled for the day, provide directions and offer luggage services.

Bureau de Change (Money Changer)

The Bureau de Change is located at the Concourse Level.

Convenience Kiosk

This general trade kiosk sells light refreshments, magazines, sweets and so on.

Support Facilities

A series of rooms support the meeting and function areas, providing specialised services for VIPs, press and speaker previews, organisers as well as small committee meetings. Refer to the Floor Plans for the location of these facilities.

Registration Counter

A built-in registration counter is available for each of the Exhibition Halls, Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Conference Hall and Plenary Theatre. There is one registration counter on centre core of Level 3 and two registration counters on centre core of Level 4.

Freight Lift

For ease of movement of exhibition and conference material, freight lifts servicing all levels are available at the East Wing, centre core and West Wing of the Centre. Access to the freight lifts is via the service road. Dimensions of the freight lifts are 6.3 metres (length) by 2.75 metres (width) by 2.6 metres (height) with maximum load of 7 tonnes.

(West Wing)
(Centre Core)
(East Wing)
Capacity 7,000 kgs 7,000 kgs 7,000 kgs
Interior Dimensions (m)
L x W x H
6.3m x 2.75m x 2.6m 6.3m x 2.75m x 2.6m 6.3m x 2.75m x 2.6m
Door Size (m)
W x H
2.74m x 2.6m 2.74m x 2.6m 2.74m x 2.6m
Levels Served P1, Concourse Level, Ground Level, Level 1, Level 3 (Conference Hall 2), Level 4 & Level 5 (Satellite Platform) P1, Ground Level, Level 1 (Plenary Hall Stage), Level 3 & Level 4 P1, Concourse Level, Ground Level, Level 1, Level 3 (Ballroom 1), Level 4 & Level 5 (Satellite Platform)


    Utility Room
    Each exhibition hall has a utility room located next to its loading bay. The utility room is usually used as a support area for the booth contractor and freight forwarder during an exhibition.

    Hospitality Lounge
    Located on Level 1 and overlooking the Exhibition Hall, Hospitality Lounge with its sofa seating is an ideal venue as a VIP Lounge, Press Lounge or Exhibitor Lounge during an exhibition. There is a hospitality lounge for each of the exhibition hall. The Lounge is accessible from the exhibition hall by a dedicated lift and staircase.

    Organiser Suite (Office)
    Each Exhibition Hall has an organiser suite on Level 1 of the Exhibition Hall. Each suite has an area with three work stations, a pantry, a toilet with shower facility and a private office. The Organiser Suite is accessible by elevator and staircase.

  • LEVEL 3

    Executive Suite
    Consisting of VVIP Lounge, VIP Boardroom and four VIP Suites, the Executive Suite is designed to cater to all levels of VIPs of the Visitors Centre. Executive Suite is located close to the Medical Room and Press Room.

    Press Room
    A dedicated Press Room located within the Business Centre with built-in camera and private access for VIPs.

    Available for rental on an hourly basis at the Business Centre.

    Medical Room
    Basic medical room is located on Level 3 adjacent to the Business Centre. Only basic first aid boxes are available in the Centre. Paramedic & Ambulance Services can be arranged through the Centre. Doctor is available on call during office hours and the nearest medical facility is Twin Tower Medical Centre at Suria KLCC.

    Luggage Room
    Luggage services are available at our Concierge Desk at the main entrance of the Centre.

    Green Room
    A preparation lounge for event speakers or a warm up area for preforming troupe, the Green Room is located back stage of the Plenary Theatre.

    AV Control Room
    The control room is strategically located on the Upper Level of designated function room for coordination of audio visual requirements of an event. Control rooms are located in the Plenary Hall, Plenary Theatre, Ballroom 1, Ballroom 2, Banquet Hall and Conference 1 – 3.

    Dressing Room
    Dedicated dressing room with toilet facility for event artist is available behind Plenary Theatre, Plenary Hall, Grand Ballroom and Conference Hall. Larger dressing rooms for a large troupe are also available at the back of the house of Plenary Hall and the Grand Ballroom.

  • LEVEL 4

    Business Centre
    Located on Level 4 Centre Core, the Business Centre offers business services such as:

    • Colour and black & white photo copying services
    • Faxing services
    • Printing services
    • Secretarial services
    • Video and telephone conferencing
    • Personal computer suite rental
    • Internet services
    • Wireless internet services
    • International telephone services
    • Courier Services
    • Binding, laminating & stationary facilities

    The opening hours are 8.00am – 6.00pm from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday.

ICT Support

The facility is supported by some of the most advanced information communication technologies (ICT) available. Data networking, structure cabling, wireless LAN, telecommunication, digital audiovisual facilities and complimentary Wi-Fi allow delegates to access information on demand and stay connected with their home base. All spaces, whether for meetings or exhibitions, are column-free and have moveable soundproof panels to offer flexible space for all types of events.

To stay ahead of its class, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre employs the best in advanced technology for its infrastructure and equipment. An experienced in-house team of technicians provides customised services to bring the best to presentations and communications.

  • Category 6 cabling throughout
  • Data networking
  • Under-floor trunking system
  • Wireless LAN
  • Telecommunication and multimedia facilities
  • Built-in simultaneous interpretation system
  • Digital audio visual facilities
  • Complimentary WiFi up to 240Mbps on a best shared best effort basis.