Loading Dock & Traffic Management

Loading Docks
Move-in / out and Traffic Management
Vehicle Holding Area (VHA)


Loading Docks

Access to Loading Dock

  • The Centre’s loading dock is located at ground floor.

  • Control point is at the Centre’s checkpoint

  • Traffic flows in a one-way direction in from Jalan Persiaran KLCC and out to Jalan Pinang.

  • The loading dock service road is 8 metres H x 6 metres D at Loading Dock 1 and Loading Dock 2 with narrower sections behind service Link Hall 3 and Loading 4 and Loading Dock 5.

  • The narrow section behind Link Hall 3 has a low ceiling, which is 4 metres in height. Safety goal posts of 4 metres in height are installed before and after the service road Link Hall 3.

  • Only vehicles below 3.8 metres in height will be allowed access to Loading Docks 1,2,4,5.

  • A 30 minute parking limit applies for drop-off/pick-up of goods during the move in and move out process. Vehicles are not permitted to park at the loading dock at any other time.

  • Vehicles and contents are the responsibility of the owner while at the loading dock.

  • Smoking is only permitted at the designated area at the loading docks.

  • The loading dock includes two wash rooms, one wash bay is located at loading dock 2, another wash bay is located at loading dock 4 for the preparation of paints, trade materials and cleaning purposes.

  • Children under 15 are not permitted to present during move in and move out.

Loading Dock Operable Doors

  • The unloading and loading of exhibitor materials for use in the exhibit halls should be conducted within the loading dock area only.

  • Loading or unloading of exhibit materials through any other door is prohibited.

  • The dimensions of the Loading Dock 1,2,4,5 doorways are as follows: Operable door Exhibition Hall 1,2,4,5 : 7.9 metres W x 6 metres H

Freight Lifts at Loading Docks

  • There are 3 freight lifts located at the loading docks.

  • The freight lifts are at ground level of the loading docks.

  • One freight lift is located at the west building to service level 3 ; Conference Hall 1,2,3, Plenary Theatre and Meeting Rooms at Level 4 (406-410).

  • One freight lift is located at the east building to service level 3; Banquet Hall & Grand Ballroom and Meeting Room at Level 4 (MR401-405).

  • One freight lift is located behind Link Hall 3 to service the Plenary Hall.

  • Freight lift: Depth 6.3 metres x Width 2.7 metres x Height 2.6 metres and accommodates a total weight of 7 tonnes.

  • All goods must be transferred by hand onto trolleys to Level 1, 3 and Level 4.

  • Forklifts are not permitted access to Level 1, 3 and Level 4.

  • Timing of the use of freight lifts must be included in your traffic schedule and take into account other events taking place concurrently.

Move-in / out and Traffic Management

Traffic Management – Purpose

  • Traffic Management requirements are supplied to hirers/show organisers and outline the Centre’s policy and procedures associated with traffic management for the move-in (delivery), and move-out of all events.

  • It is the policy of the Centre that event-related traffic, both on the Centre loading dock and adjacent public roads, is managed by the Centre’s Security department.

  • It is the responsibility of all hirers/show organisers to ensure that the guidelines and policies outlined in this document are observed and performed by all people in their organisation, including principal contractors, exhibitors, sub-contractors and all other agents involved in the delivery or removal of goods/equipment to or from the event/exhibition.

  • It is the hirers/show organisers’ responsibility to ensure that exhibitors and contractors are made aware of the following information regarding access to and the use of the loading dock.

  • The purpose of this policy is to:
    • Control and manage the flow of vehicular traffic both in and out of the Centre.
    • Communicate event conflicts to clients, Police and the show organiser
    • Allow sufficient time to roster and implement traffic management plan prior to events.
    • Provide qualified Centre traffic marshals for all events to accommodate the large scale of logistical traffic that occurs during all types of events


The traffic management plan will be primarily conducted in four (4) phases.
  • Planning pre event.
  • Move-in.
  • Operational.
  • Move-out.

Planning - The Organiser's Responsibility

For the above objective to be successful, the hirer/ show organiser of the event must forward the following information in the form of a delivery/move out schedule, indicating access times for their contractors’, exhibitors and their contractors and subcontractors, to the Centre’s Management, to determine the number of traffic marshals and the need for a vehicle holding area:
  • Move-in date and times (for multiple hall shows, please indicate the number of operable doors that will be opened for access to the halls).
  • Operational date and times.
  • Move-out date and times
  • Move-in and move-out schedules, i.e. pick up times etc.
  • Expected traffic peak periods during each day of each phase.
  • Details of contractors and exhibitors who require permission to park for longer periods on the loading dock.

Move-In / Move-Out

  • At the time of making an event booking, the hirer/show organiser must take into consideration appropriate move-in or move-out times for the event, including custom stand and other event build-up requirements. For special events, dinners etc., this will include production equipment load-in, rehearsals etc.

  • It is the hirer/show organiser’s responsibility to ensure adequate move-in and move-out days are booked for the set-up and break-down of the event. This is to allow sufficient time to lay stands, rig, set up production equipment, position and set tables etc.

  • A traffic marshal will be rostered to monitor access to the halls for deliveries and removal of goods. Should additional traffic marshals and security be required due to the event size/number of vehicles a quotation can be arranged.

Exhibition Events

  • The Exhibition Manager and Security Manager are responsible for advising the appropriate number of Traffic Controllers for Exhibitions.

  • The Centre may impose additional surcharges should the hirer/show organiser request additional manning or if the traffic schedule proves to be inoperable.

Convention Centre Events

When events in the Convention Centre require use of the loading dock, it is the hirer/ show organiser’s responsibility to ensure accurate schedule details are supplied to the Event/Exhibition Coordinator to ensure the loading dock is:-
  • Accessible and;

  • Properly manned at the required times, based on the number of vehicles expected for deliveries to your event.

  • If deemed necessary, the provision of additional traffic marshals will be at a cost to the organiser.

Move In - Operation

  • The Centre’s Security Department will be responsible for the traffic management plan implementation process.

  • The Centre has a manned vehicle checkpoint that will monitor access to assist in the orderly flow of traffic in accordance with the move-in/move-out schedule as supplied by each Hirer.

  • Traffic marshals will be placed at the Vehicle Holding Area when applicable to ensure that the traffic plans are implemented to accommodate the different types and volumes of event traffic, in accordance with the schedule provided.


  • Liaison between the hirer/show organiser or their representative and the traffic marshal coordinating the traffic plan is essential for continuous access to the dock area and entry checkpoint.

  • A logistical and traffic plan meeting is necessary both, prior to and during the operational hours of an event to communicate the move in and move-out to discuss any potential conflicts that may arise.

Operational Days

  • The Centre will not provide traffic marshals during the operational hours of an event unless agreed at the traffic plan meeting.

  • It is the hirer’s/show organiser’s responsibility to have a dedicated security officer on duty within the contracted space to allow access for deliveries (replenishment) via the loading dock. As a standard rule, if there is no security on duty, then no access to the loading docks will be granted.

  • No access will be permitted to the loading docks outside the scheduled event licensed period. Early access may or may not be granted depending on levels of business at the Centre and may incur additional charges.

Traffic Marshal/Security

  • The Centre’s loading dock is secured by the Centre’s security. It is a condition of entry to all persons who require access to the loading docks that vehicles, equipment and personal belongings (i.e, bags etc.) may be randomly searched by the Centre’s traffic marshal/ security staff upon entering and exiting the loading docks.

  • Upon request, all drivers of vehicles who require access to the loading docks must present their drivers licence to Centre traffic marshal/security staff to verify their identity.

  • A traffic marshal/security staff must be on duty when after-hours access to the contracted space is required.

  • Company policy stipulates that the hirer/ show organiser must notify the Centre of exhibition operational hours, including move-in and move-out times.

  • There is no parking available to contractors or exhibitors at the loading dock during the move-in, operation and move-out times of an exhibition, unless the hirer/ show organiser has prearranged this with either their Event/Exhibition Coordinator in advance.

  • Equipment/goods cannot be moved in or out via front-of-house areas, this includes the Porte Cochère at the main entrance to the Convention Centre.

  • The traffic marshalling team is responsible for allowing access from the loading dock to the exhibition halls.

  • The loading or unloading of equipment in the public roads within the KLCC Precinct is not permitted.

  • No responsibility will be taken by the Centre in the case of an accident and/or damage to equipment during the move-in, operational and move-out periods.

  • Access to the Exhibition Halls via the operable doors during operational hours is strictly prohibited once an event is in progress.

  • By law the Centre is required to maintain clear access for egress from all emergency exit doors leading onto the loading docks.

Dedicated Dock Usage Areas

The Exhibition Centre loading dock surface has been marked to indicate the following:-
  • Loading bays which include unique identification numbering of loading bays which will only be used for vehicles and vans to unload tools and equipment.
  • Dock traffic.
  • Clear vehicle emergency egress.
  • Smoking zones.

Clear Vehicle Emergency Egress

The clear vehicle emergency egress is to remain clear at all times to allow continuous movement of traffic exiting the loading dock. This will assist emergency vehicles to access the loading dock in the event of an emergency situation.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Hirer/show organiser and their contractors have a duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act to ensure that all staff and contracted personnel are aware that they have a responsibility, for the health, safety and welfare of all people in the work area and that any plant or systems of work which may be used are safe and without risks to health.

  • This includes providing all employees with information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure not only their own health and safety but also that of others working or attending the vicinity.

General Regulations

  • The OHS requirements include keeping fire doors and cupboards unblocked, the checking of forklift licences, the wearing of high visibility clothing and covered shoes, the monitoring of trip hazards on the loading dock etc.

  • No equipment is to be chained or tied to any fixed structure of the building.

  • All gas bottles are to be stored in the appropriate cages.

  • Any personnel not engaged by the hirer/ show organiser are not allowed inside the halls and on the loading dock once move-in or move-out has begun.

  • No contractor is permitted to drink alcohol on the premises during move-in or move-out or perform any work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

  • All vehicles must drive at a slow speed (including forklifts) - no greater than 20 km per hour. All vehicles entering the service road of the Centre must conform to speed limits, and road signs.

  • Once an exhibition is operational, vehicles permitted onto the loading dock must not park in front of any fire exits.

  • The hirer/show organiser is to ensure that the contractors working within the vicinity of the loading dock are aware of all possible hazards, in particular in relation to mobile plant.

Vehicle Holding Area (VHA)

  • In order to facilitate move-in and move-out of Exhibition, a vehicle holding area has been established in the close proximity to the Convention Centre. During a large scale exhibition move-in and move-out, all vehicles requiring access to the loading docks must first report at the vehicle holding area at their scheduled time. Please discuss the move-in/out logistic with your Even/Exhibition Coordinator who coordinate the operational details and coordinate vehicle holding area booking.

  • The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre vehicle holding area is located at No.6 Jalan Stonor, open air car park, the lot is 300 metres from the Centre.

  • Download VHA map here

Vehicle Permit

  • Vehicle permits will be issued to each exhibitor for entering the loading docks of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the move-in and move-out dates set by the hirer/ show organiser.

  • The permit must be displayed on the windscreen to facilitate inspection and is only valid at the specified dates and times indicated on the permit.

Vehicle Holding Area Move-in/out Procedures

  • The vehicle holding area is open one hour prior to the pre-scheduled move-in/out time until all the move-in/out activities are finished.

  • All contractors will be responsible for keeping a representative on site at the vehicle holding area while it is open, as per the pre-assigned move-in/out schedule.

  • The move-in schedule and the vehicle permit should be provided by the hirer/show organiser prior to exhibition move-in.

  • Upon arriving at the vehicle holding area, the representative(s) MUST first present the Vehicle Permit issued by the hirer/show organiser, queue up and wait for further instruction given from the Centre’s traffic marshal. The waiting time at the vehicle holding area may vary and will depend on the total number of vehicles, move-out speed and the prevailing traffic conditions.

  • The representative(s) who will be on site at the vehicle holding area should be equipped with a cell phone and that cell phone’s number.

  • No unattended vehicle is permitted in the vehicle holding area.

  • No empty vehicle is allowed to park at vehicle holding area during the move-in. The primary use of the off-site vehicle holding area is for the staging vehicles.

  • A Trip Pass will be issued to the drivers at the vehicle holding area by the traffic marshal. The driver must then proceeds to the loading docks with Trip Pass.

  • During the exhibition move-out, the representative must call the Security Officer at the loading docks when they are stationed at the vehicle holding area and must call when ready to leave.

  • The representative (s) failing to present Vehicle Permits and Trip Pass will NOT be allowed enter the loading docks. Please contact your Event/Exhibition Coordinator for any further inquiries.