Ancillary Charges

Ancillary Charges
Access to Licensed Area
Cleaning Services
Skips (Waste Bins)
Exhibition Security Control
External and Armed Security
Electrical Consumption and Charges
Plumbing and Water Access
Technology Services


Ancillary Charges

The ancillary (additional) charges that may apply in addition to the Venue Hiring Fees include:-

  • Any cost connected with the installation, operation and use of telecommunication or similar facilities;
  • Charges for early access before the Licensed Period;
  • Charges for overnight build-up and labour costs;
  • Late hand-over after the end of the Licensed Period;
  • Cleaning costs for pre-clean and post-clean and waste removal;
  • Security costs;
  • Any damage;
  • Power connections and electricity consumption;
  • Usage of air conditioning during build-up and move-out;
  • Any other cost, fee, charge or expense which reasonably relates to the direct or indirect use of the Licensed Area by the hirer/show organiser.

Access to Licensed Area

  • The contracted space is open to the Hirer as per the contracted timing.

  • Hirers/show organisers, who are required to be at their contracted space before or after the License Period, will be charged an additional rental fee based on the duration of the early access and the area accessed within the Centre.


  • Air-conditioning/ventilation is not provided in the venue during the build-up or tear-down period. If required, hirer/show organiser may need to make prior arrangements with the Centre for air-conditioning/ventilation during these periods which will be charged on an hourly rate basis.

  • The request of air-conditioning/ventilation during the build-up period is subject to the following conditions:
    • The air-conditioning/ventilation requested must be in a continuous block of four (4) hours minimum duration.
    • The contracted venue must be cleared of any form of waste that may damage the air-conditioning such as sawdust, styrofoam packaging, paint, etc. so they do not affect the air-conditioning system.

  • Air-conditioning will be provided to the venue two (2) hours prior to the operational opening time and for one (1) hour after the operational closing time. Air-conditioning required outside the above times will be charged on an hourly rate basis per venue.

  • Please contact your Event/Exhibition Coordinator for the costing.

Cleaning Services

  • Housekeeping services are provided exclusively by the Centre.

  • The hirer/show organiser will be required to pay for any cleaning not included under the Venue Hiring Fees, as additional cost.

  • The Centre shall provide clean halls to the hirer/show organiser prior to build-up. The hirer/ show organiser is responsible for returning the halls to their original condition at the conclusion of the term of the agreement.

  • The hirer/show organiser is required to hire the Centre’s housekeeping staff to take care of the Licensed Area; including:-
    • All registration areas.
    • Show offices.
    • Cleaning of exhibition hall prior to carpet installation, as well as all of the carpet installed for the Licensed Area.
    • Removal of all accumulated bulk rubbish, and exhibits that remains in the exhibition and loading dock.
    • Aisles and staging areas.
    • Hall toilets.
    • Restroom attendants.
    • Patrolling supervisor.

  • The hirer/ show organiser shall forward to the Event/Exhibition Coordinator a floor plan, move-in/out and operational hours of the exhibition for the preparation of the detailed cleaning quotation. The floor plan should detail whether the exhibition has shell scheme and/or custom-built stands.

  • The Event/Exhibition Coordinator will recommend the number of housekeeping staff required for the Exhibition, depending on the number of halls utilized and the expected number of visitors for the Event.

  • The hire of housekeeping staff is based on an hourly rate, with a minimum block of eight (8) hours.

  • The hirer/show organiser shall confirm the recommended required cleaning crew and their schedule twenty-one (21) days before the Event.

  • If the housekeeping staff is unable to clean the Halls within the agreed working hours due to a delay caused by the contractors or exhibitors, any additional hours will be chargeable to the hirer/show organiser.

Skips (Waste Bins)

  • The Centre will arrange for compactors/open bins (dumpster skips) to be placed on the loading dock and for their collection and proper disposal.

  • All exhibition stand fittings and other materials brought on to the premises for exhibitions, including materials scrapped and debris left behind at the end of an event, shall be removed by the hirer/ show organiser from the premises at the end of the Hiring Period.

  • The hirer/show organiser will be charged for the use and removal of the waste bins/skips and waste disposal.

  • Please contact your Event/Exhibition Coordinator regarding the additional costs.

Exhibition Security Control

  • The Centre is the exclusive provider of an Exhibition security control.

  • The Centre requires that only the Centre’s security staff be employed to secure the Licensed Area from the beginning of the hiring period to the end.

  • Staffing levels will be determined by your Event/Exhibition Coordinator based on the size and nature of your exhibition.

  • A move-in and move-out plan and event/exhibition schedules that indicate date and times must be submitted to your Event/Exhibition Coordinator no less than thirty (30) days prior to the move-in date to facilitate our planning.

  • The hirer/show organiser must confirm the recommended necessary security and their schedules at least twenty-one (21) days before exhibition.

  • The hiring of Centre security officer is based on an hourly basis with a minimum block of eight (8) hours.

  • The scope of the security will be as follows:-
    • To secure and monitor loading dock traffic during move-in and move-out.
    • Traffic marshalling from the Vehicle Holding Area to the loading docks.
    • Control over the opening, closing and securing of any and all doors.
    • To respond to emergency incidents if/when they occur.
    • To ensure all persons have vacated the exhibition once the exhibition has closed for the day (i.e. checking toilets, stands for persons staying behind, etc.)
    • To report any damage that may occur during the move-in, build-up and tear down.
    • To control and monitor crowd movement through the Halls’ entrances and exits during operation days, in case a forced evacuation is required.

External and Armed Security

  • If required by special circumstances, the hirer/show organiser may engage independent security and armed security for their exhibition to provide escort, crowd management services and security of any cash or valuables from or in the Centre’s Licensed Area.

  • Where external and armed security is approved the following details are required fourteen (14) days before the Event:-
    • Letter of appointment of the security company by the hirer/ show organiser.
    • Profile of the external security company.
    • The names, identification number and work schedule of all security personnel who will be on site.
    • The main on-site contact person for the security company.

  • The external security personnel are required to obey the directions of the Centre’s Security personnel.

  • All external security personnel are required to be in uniform and to have undergone basic building orientation from the Centre’s Security department prior to working in the Centre.

  • The armed security personnel shall only be posted inside the licensed area and not in any public areas of the Centre or the Exhibition per se.

  • A list of weapons and the required permits is to be submitted to the Centre fourteen (14) days before the event/exhibition.

  • The Centre may require a briefing to take place with the designated security company covering the building fire systems and evacuation plans.

Electrical Consumption and Charges

  • Stand electrics for exhibitions is undertaken by the Show Official Contractor’s appointed electricians who are competent to do the work.

  • Charges for power connection and electricity usage applicable to all exhibition events will be the responsibility of the hirer/show organiser.

  • Power consumption will be metered and the final charge to the hirer/show organiser will be based on a consumption basis. The consumption charges for electricity are metered and usage is chargeable to the hirer/show organiser based on Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB) current tariff.

Plumbing and Water Access

  • Plumbing services for booths including water, drainage and compressed air are provided exclusively by the Centre.

  • Plumbing services are not available on Level 3 and in the meeting rooms or pre-function spaces.

Technology Services

  • The facilities at the Centre are supported by some of the most advance technology available.

  • Internet access, networking, wireless services, cable TV and phones are available on an exclusive basis through the Centre. Please contact your Event/Exhibition Coordinator for additional information.