Rigging Services



The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Audio Visual Department is the exclusive provider of rigging services at the Centre. The Centre is equipped with static rigging points in all its major venues. Centre approval is required for all rigging projects.

Exhibition Halls

Exhibition Halls 1, 2, 4 and 5 are fully-equipped with a box truss rigging system which is modular in design and permanently rigged. The maximum load per point is 100 kg with a total load of 1,000 kg per 8.4 metres x 8.4 metres (27.56 feet x 27.56 feet) module. As such, the spread of this 100 kg load must be optimally and evenly spaced within the grid frame to ensure stability and balance. The entire system is automated to allow the box truss to move from the ceiling level to a height of 1.5 metres (4.92 feet) from the ground, allowing for easy access and negating the need for height-access equipment, thus reducing build-up and tear-down time.

Conference Areas (Level 3)

The Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall and Conference Halls 1, 2 and 3 are fitted with static rigging points. The maximum loads of the points vary from 50kg to 500kg depending on their location and function. There are rigging points every 4.5 linear metres so a mobile rigging system is required. No direct rigging is allowed.

Mobile Rigging System

No direct rigging is allowed and the mobile rigging requires the use of trusses and a hoist. The Centre has both tri truss and box truss available for hire. The trusses and all the necessary motor hoists and rigging gear comply with international standards. If trusses and motor hoists are required, please contact your Event Coordinator for a quotation.

Event Décor

Event Organisers must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Any steel wire used must at least 6 mm (0.24 inches) in diameter and the final requirements will be based on the total weight of the structure to be supported.
  • Steel wires must be hung in straight lines for all decorative materials.
  • Proposed plans and/or diagrams must include any power connection requirements.
  • Materials for proposed decorations which weigh more than 50 kg must be submitted to the AV Dept for review and approval. Failure to do so may result in a delay in work and/or rejection of the decorations

Installation of Portable LED Screens

  • LED screens must be supported by a hoist. LED cable and power must be properly installed to avoid power leakage.
  • Any stand structure that comes with a LED screen must be supported with a metal frame.
  • The total power requirement and total weight for any LED screen installation must be submitted to the AV Dept for review and approval.

Rigging Costs

All rigging systems are subject to a charge per rigging point calculated on the maximum load for that point. If additional trusses and motor hoists are required, these can be hired from the Centre. All trusses and motor hoists must be supplied by the Centre.

Rigging Guidelines

These guidelines govern the attachment of any hardware to, and from, the Centre’s building structure including rigging points, truss panels, fly bars, banner rods and high beams. Examples of such hardware include rigs, motors, trusses, lights, audio, video walls, LED walls, projectors, laser systems, banners and any other equipment that need to be suspended from rigging point.

The following procedures and requirements must be adhered to by the Event Organiser and the Centre’s Preferred and Accredited AV suppliers:

  • Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s AV Dept is the exclusive provider of rigging services.

  • The Centre reserves the right to refuse services where equipment do not meet the safety standards and requirements established by these guidelines and regulations.

  • Only the Centre’s riggers are allowed to make attachments to the rigging points.

  • Any attached equipment can only be moved in the presence of the Centre’s AV Dept.

  • There will be no rigging from conduits, sprinkler pipes, gas pipes, drywalls, fascia’s, lighting fixtures, raceways, buss ducts, all threads, air ducts, speaker systems, air wall tracks, ceiling tiles or any other non-load bearing structures.

  • The Centre’s AV Dept may prohibit the installation of any items not in compliance with the rigging guidelines.

  • Proposed rigging requirements and plot diagrams should be submitted for approval a minimum of two weeks (14) days in advance of the event. Failure to do so may result in a possible delay in work and/or rejection of the rigging projects.

  • Proposed plans and/or diagrams must include the following information:
    • Accurately scaled plan
    • Maximum weight load per point including motors and chains
    • All items to be hoisted and quantities on each truss system, i.e. speakers, llighting units, projectors, scenes, signs, special effects, automated units, etc.

  • All hanging structures must be supported by full metal frames.

  • The minimum thickness of any steel wire must at least 6 mm (0.24 inches) diameter and the final requirement will be based on the weight of the total structure’s.

  • Any stand structure with truss and hoist must be reviewed by the AV Dept.

  • Company, project name or exhibition, designer or draftsman name must be provided.

  • Complete contact information of the person/organisation submitting the application.

  • Detailed production schedule for set-up and tear-down.

  • All rigging must conform to show management’s rules and regulations, as well as the Centre’s AV Dept requirements. No hanging items – high and low - may exceed show height limitations.

  • A secondary or redundant truss ‘safety’ is required on each individual item suspended from the rigging points.

  • All equipment and materials to be hoisted must be clearly marked with ‘WLL’ (Working Load Limit) or ‘SWL’ (Safe Working Load) and meet the standards and requirements established by these rules and regulations. Hardware not accepted in a weight-bearing capacity include: carabiners (exception - locking forged steel rated carabiners), open-weave straps, quick links, French clips, snap clips, dog clips, shackles which do not meet strength requirements MS ISO 2415:2005 – forged shackles for general lifting purposes.

  • All product materials must be non-flammable and must conform to RoHS Compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Certificates should be available upon request for applications under consideration.

  • All flown support structures, trusses, equipment and hardware must pass overhead lifting requirements established by the Centre’s AV Dept. Please contact AV Manager/Asst AV Manager for additional information regarding the capabilities of any equipment that you are considering bringing into the Centre. Final decisions on the safety limits of any item will rest solely with the AV Dept representative.

  • In compliance with established Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre rigging attachment standards, a representative from the Centre’s AV Dept will have final approval of all trusses, hardware and flown equipment or objects used in the Centre.

  • Rigging must not be disturbed, removed, or damage the fire retardant material which is applied to the rigging point or truss. Beams may be wrapped with 0.5 cm (0.21 inches) burlap or carpet on the truss where permanently installed rigging points do not exist. This rigging application can only be at the structural panel point.

  • At the discretion of the AV Dept, Event Management may be required to produce tags, labels, and/or supporting documents to verify that the specific inspections and certification have been performed in accordance with the standards set by the Occupational, Health and Safety Association (OSHA). All pertinent information must be on hand and available upon request by the Centre’s AV Dept.

  • Only employees of an official show contractor, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and AV Dept team will be allowed to operate the scissor lift within the Centre. The scissor lift operator must, at all times, wear the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (P.P.E) like harness and attach the lanyard to the lift.

  • Any lifts that operate on diesel fuel are strictly prohibited. Only electrical lifts are allowed in the halls when the public is present.

  • Once a rigging point is deemed at the maximum weight capacity for items flown, no additional weight can be put on the support structure or truss. (Climbing personnel or equipment is not allowed).

  • Any load with a chain motor or any other lifting device shall be considered a dynamic load. All loads of this type must hang straight – no load should be hung at an angle. If a rigging point does not exist where a point is required, a high beam or truss will be installed to provide the desired rigging point.

  • No personnel will be allowed on the truss or any flown structure without a fall arrester device.

  • All rigging hardware, equipment, or show-related items must be removed from the rigging points at the end of event.

  • Only the Centre’s rigging truss is permitted to be attached to the rigging points.